Mystery House

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See it, feel it, believe it.

A one of a kind family friendly experience!

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Under 5 Free
Children $7 (Ages 5-11)
Adults $14 (Ages 12+)

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About This Tour

Once you enter the Cosmos Mystery Area all laws of nature and physics appear to be suspended. Water flows up hill, tall people appear shorter than their smaller friends and what appears to be measured level is not. Proceed further into the Mystery House and you will have a chance to walk up a wall, be mysteriously pulled sideways when hanging perfectly straight from a rafter and experience other awesome physical forces and demonstrations that can only be seen at the Cosmos Mystery Area.

2023 Tour Ticket Pricing

  • $14 for those 12 years and older
  • $7 for children 5 to 11 years old
  • Children 4 years and younger are free with an adult
  • *Ticket prices do not include tax
*The Cosmos tour is not wheelchair or stroller accessible and is not recommended for those with balance issues. Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash and people friendly.

Our Happy Customers

Loveta G.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was pretty amazing!

It will mess with your equilibrium and you could feel queasy. My mother applied some motion sickness meds afterwards and we all wanted a cool drink! Completely worth it for my family. We had a fantastic time. And, pay for the geode cracking. Worth it, and my kids got awesome geodes! We also did one bag of gem mix in the gem mining (the emerald sized bag). My rock hound daughter bought a bag (aged 11) and loved it, the rest of us wished we'd done a bag. Overall, everyone needs to do it once at least. (If you have ear issues, sadly, this is not more you. My father had to go back after the first part as it was messing with his ears to much. He has Menures)

Jessica V.
We had a blast here.

Better than I expected. Even my teenager said "Great choice, dad. That was fun." As we left. WIN!

Mike N.
Fun attraction like others I remember from my childhood.

Glad that places like this are still around so my kids can experience them as well. Perspective bending illusions make this an interesting place to visit. If you get motion sick, or have balance issues, you might want to stick to the geode area.

Robert W.
Really amazing place to visit.

We have a great time there . Have fun a lot.