Geode Mine

Find it, crack it, keep it!

Find it

Crack it

Keep it

Display it

About This Experience

Pick up a hand spade and start digging for your very own geode. Once you find a keeper take it over to our special hydraulic press to crack open your newly discovered treasure. You will be amazed at the beauty of the naturally formed crystals inside.

Staking Your Claim

  • $8 per geode mine entrance
  • $6 if purchased with Mystery House tour
  • *Ticket prices do not include tax

If you would like to book just the Geode Mine, please contact us: 


Our Happy Customers

Jeana D.
Prepare for an interesting time out or should I say in?

This place will be intriguing but will guarantee a slight dizzy and unbalanced feeling for a couple of days! The friendly staff is worth the Cosmo time 😉

Lydia K.
So much fun!

Would definitely come back again. My tour guide was amazing!

Chris S.
Pretty cool family experience.

My wife absolutely loves this place. Very interesting guided tour.

Tom B.
This was a great stop!

Maggie was great! - From the other Maggie!