Cosmos Covid-19

2020 Summary:  To our knowledge no Cosmos employees contracted COVID-19 during the season.  

2021 Protocols & Safeguards

  • Customers:  We recognize that there are wide ranging reactions to COVID-19 countermeasures, our recommendations reflect common guidelines without being onerous.
  • No one who is COVID-19 positive or quarantined due to exposure is permitted on Cosmos property.
  • No one who has symptoms consistent with COVID-19 is permitted on Cosmos property.
  • We strongly encourage customers to wear masks at the Cosmos.
  • We request that customers practice social distancing as practical and cooperate with employees’ efforts to encourage social distancing. 
  • Cosmos Attractions:  Our attractions are open air with the associated benefits of fresh air circulation and sunlight.  Contact surfaces are routinely disinfected with a 5000 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution.
  • Mystery House Tours:  Tours move thru seven exhibit areas during the nominal 40 minute tour, this movement mitigates opportunity for “close contact”.  Half of the tour is outside and half of the tour is in an old cabin with open doorways and open “windows” that allow fresh air circulation.  Fans are run continuously in the cabins to enhance circulation.
  • Gem Mine:  The gem mine is outside in an open area.
  • Geode Mine:  The geode mine is outside in an open area.
  • Gift Shop: 
  • The air handlers are equipped with modern ionizing filters designed to defeat viruses.
  • Social distancing is monitored and encouraged in the gift shop.
  • Contact surfaces in the gift shop are disinfected regularly using a 5000 ppm sodium hypochlorite solution or a medical grade disinfectant, depending on the surface.
  • The gift shop is cleaned thoroughly every night.
  • The gift shop sales counter is enclosed to isolate employees and customers from each other. 
  • Bathrooms: 
  • Bathrooms are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every night, and spot cleaned during the day.
  • Bathroom exhaust fans are run continuously to draw in fresh air.
  • Under the supervision of a certified water system operator the tap water is tested daily on-site and monthly by a certified lab.
  • Employee Protocols
  • Employees are required to stay/go home if they have symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  • If an employee has been in close contact, as defined by local health authorities, with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 the employee is not permitted to work until they have tested negative.
  • Employees are required to wear masks at work, unless they are performing tasks outside and safely distant from others.  (Masks are provided for employees who do not have their own mask.)
  • Employees are required to wash or sanitize their hands frequently, and gloves are available.
  • Employees have on-site access to a UV C sterilizing cabinet for masks, keys, phones, etc.
  • Employees have been strongly encouraged to get a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • If an employee has received their final vaccination and has waited the recommended two-weeks, they are no longer required to wear a mask.